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Unidentified Swallow
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Unidentified Swallow

Unidentified swallow photographed at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve on March 17, 2007. I posted a note to the Nevada Birds Listserv and got five responses on possible identification:

  1. Possible Cave Swallow
  2. Odd color phase of a juvenile barn swallow
  3. Adult Barn with some white feather tracts on the breast and throat
  4. At least some part barn swallow
  5. Young Cliff Swallow
  6. Looks fairly typical for a juvenile Barn Swallow.

Based on the tail, we are leaning towards Barn Swallow, but I think the jury is still out on this one...

unidentified swallow

For someone who has looked at swallows for decades, this proves that there really is something new and interesting under the sun.

Taxonomy: Passeriformes, Hirundinidae, Hirundininae.

Barn Swallow nestlings For comparison: Barn Swallow nestlings. This species usually is dark under the chin and the breast is entirely dark, even in nestlings. These three nestlings were being fed by typical adult Barn Swallows.
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