Mexican Duck (Anas diazi)
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Mexican Duck (Anas diazi)

General Description: Mexican Ducks (Anas diazi) are sexually similar pond ducks that closely resemble female Mallard Ducks. In both genders, Mexican Ducks are mottled brown with a bold eyeline and orange feet. Males have a yellow bill, while females have an orange bill.

Favored Habitat: Ponds and wetlands throughout the Mexican highlands and in the U.S. border region.

Mexican Duck (Anas diazi) Where to Find: Don't look for Mexican Ducks around Las Vegas. Rather, look for them in ponds and wetlands in Mexico and across the southern U.S. border from Arizona to western Texas. Patagonia Lake State Park is a place to find this species.

Comments: Some authorities consider the Mexican Duck to be a subspecies of Mallard, but others suggest it is a distinct species more closely related to Black Ducks than Mallards.

Mexican Duck (Anas diazi) Mexican Duck; notice that they look like female mallards, but the male has a yellow bill.
Mexican Duck (Anas diazi) Mexican Duck
Mexican Duck (Anas diazi) Mexican Duck

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