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Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana)
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Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana)

General: Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana) is an odd, spiny, low-growing shrub with thick, yellowish stems, purple flowers, and funny little bi-lobed seed capsules.

Turpentinebroom is a fairly common component of desert vegetation Upper Sonoran (Mojave Desert Scrub and Pinyon-Juniper Woodland) life zones.

Family: Rue (Rutaceae).

Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana)

Other names: Turpentine broom, Turpentine-broom.

Plant Form: low-growing shrub with thick, green to yellowish stems.

Height: to about 18 inches.

Bark: yellowish.

Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana)

Stems: Thick, green to yellowish, covered with tiny blisters; terminal spine.

Leaves: Leaf very small, ephemeral. Plant usually leafless.

Flowers: Blooms in the spring. panicle (raceme-like or flowers scattered along stems). Four purple petals that stand "erect" and appear to be fused; petal tips rolled outward. Strongly aromatic.

Seeds: Fruit is a 2-lobed, leathery capsule. Seeds small, 1-3 per capsule.

Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana)

Habitat: Dry, well-drained sandy, gravelly, and rocky soils on upper bajadas and moderate slopes in the lower mountains.

Elevation: to about 5,500 feet

Distribution: Southwest deserts into Mexico.


Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana) Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana)
Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana)
Fruit is a bi-lobed, leathery capsule
Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana)
Capsules are covered with tiny dimples
Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana)
Flowers are purple, and the petals appear fused
Turpentinebroom (Thamnosma montana)

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