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Michaux's Sagebrush (Artemisia michauxiana)
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Michaux's Wormwood (Artemisia michauxiana)

General: Michaux's Sagebrush (Artemisia michauxiana) is a fairly low-growing, brushy shrub with green, upright stems and highly dissected leaves. Flowerheads are small and borne along the upper stem.

Michaux's Sagebrush is a fairly common component of high mountain alpine communities in drier areas along ridges and slopes in the Alpine Tundra (Alpine) life zone.


Family: Sunflower (Asteraceae).

Other Names: Michaux's wormwood, Michaux sagebrush, lemon sagewort.

Michaux's Wormwood (Artemisia michauxiana)

Plant Form: Upright, brushy shrub.

Height: To about 3 feet.

Stems: Upright, herbaceous, unbranched, green.

Leaves: Highly dissected, sessile.

Flowers: Blooms during summer. Inflorescence: flowerheads along about 5-7 inches of stem, held close to stem. Flowerheads very small; individual flowers tiny.


Michaux's Wormwood (Artemisia michauxiana)

Habitat: High mountain ridges.

Elevation: Above 10,000 feet.

Distribution: Western North America.

Comments: It doesn't look like it, but this is a species of sagebrush.

Michaux's Wormwood (Artemisia michauxiana)
Stem with leaves
Michaux's Wormwood (Artemisia michauxiana)
Highly dissected leaves
Michaux's Wormwood (Artemisia michauxiana)
Flowerheads along about 5-7 inches of stem, held close to stem
Michaux's Wormwood (Artemisia michauxiana)
Flowerheads very small; individual flowers tiny

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