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Smallflower Sandverbena (Tripterocalyx micranthus)
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Smallflower Sandverbena (Tripterocalyx micranthus)

General: Smallflower Sandverbena (Tripterocalyx micranthus) is a perennial forb that grows from a large taproot. The stems are long and many branched, but prostrate, and somewhat sticky. The leaves are oval to elliptic, glandular hairy, and somewhat sticky. The flowers occur in clusters, with each flower trumpet-shaped and pink.

Smallflower Sandverbena is an uncommon component of sandy and sand dune vegetation communities. Around Las Vegas, look for this species along the Colorado River or in southern Utah.

Smallflower Sandverbena (Tripterocalyx micranthus)

Family: Four O'Clock (Nyctaginaceae).

Other Names: Abronia cycloptera, Abronia micrantha, Tripterocalyx cyclopterus, Tripterocalyx pedunculatus.

Plant Form: Prostrate, spreading stems.

Height: 10-12 inches.

Stems: Pale white with a reddish cast, pubescent.

Leaves: Elliptic, fleshy, green with white margins; hairy, with most hairs on lower surface.

Smallflower Sandverbena (Tripterocalyx micranthus)

Flowers: Blooms during summer. Inflorescence: 5-15 flowers borne in clusters. Flowers: trumpet-shaped, petals 5, pink; open at night.

Seeds: Fruit: capsule with three wings.

Habitat: Sandy soils.

Smallflower Sandverbena (Tripterocalyx micranthus)

Elevation: About 3,000 to 8,000 feet.

Distribution: Patchy distribution throughout western North America from southern Canada to southern Nevada and California. Regionally, the species occurs along the lower Colorado River, around Kelso in the Mojave National Preserve, and in southern Utah.


Smallflower Sandverbena (Tripterocalyx micranthus) Smallflower Sandverbena (Tripterocalyx micranthus)

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