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Clokey's Catchfly (Silene clokeyi)
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Clokey Catchfly (Silene clokeyi)

General: Clokey Catchfly (Silene clokeyi) is a low-growing, high-elevations species endemic to the Spring Mountains where it grows up from among stones on the ground. The pink-and-white striped, urn-shaped corolla tube with notched pink petals identify this unusual plant.

Clokey Catchfly is an uncommon component of the high-elevation vegetation communities on rocky summits in the Hudsonian (Bristlecone Forest) and Arctic (Alpine Tundra) life zones. This species is endemic to the Spring Mountains and is only found at the highest-elevations atop Mt. Charleston, Mummy Mountain, and Mt. Potosi. While this species can be locally common, it is a rare plant because it occurs only atop the Spring Mountains.

Clokey Catchfly (Silene clokeyi)

Family: Pink (Caryophyllaceae).

Other Names:

Plant Form: Low-growing, perennial herb with unusual, urn-shaped flowers with pink petals.

Height: To a few inches.

Stems: Short; covered with short hairs.

Leaves: Long and narrow, entire, green with a tinge of purple.

Clokey Catchfly (Silene clokeyi)

Flowers: Blooms mid- to late-summer. Corolla urn-shaped with five petals that open at right angles to the corolla tube. Corolla tube striped white and pink. Petals notched, pink. Stamens extend beyond the corolla tube.


Habitat: Dry, well-drained rocky soils at the highest elevations in the Spring Mountains.

Elevation: Only over 11,000 feet.

Distribution: Spring Mountains high on Mt. Charleston and Mummy Mountain.

Comments: This species is covered by the Clark County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan.

Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate. Names generally follow the USDA database.
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