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Roundleaf Oxytheca (Oxytheca perfoliata)
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Roundleaf Oxytheca (Oxytheca perfoliata)

General: Roundleaf Oxytheca (Oxytheca perfoliata) is a low-growing, perennial forb. The leaves on the stem are oblong, but the upper leaves are round and surround the stem. The yellow flowers are nondescript and hardly noticeable.

Roundleaf Oxytheca is a locally common component of the desert vegetation communities from the desert flats to Pine-Fir (Canadian) life zones.

Roundleaf Oxytheca (Oxytheca perfoliata)

Family: Buckwheat (Polygonaceae).

Other Names:

Plant Form:

Height: To about 10 inches.

Roundleaf Oxytheca (Oxytheca perfoliata)


Leaves: Oblong, hairy.

Flowers: Flower and flower parts yellow, not obvious.


Roundleaf Oxytheca (Oxytheca perfoliata)
Roundleaf Oxytheca flower.

Habitat: Open sandy and rocky areas in the desert mountains.

Elevation: Generally lower elevations, but to about 8,000 feet on Mt. Charleston.

Distribution: California to Utah and Arizona.


Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate. Names generally follow the USDA database.
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