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Fendler's Sandmat (Chamaesyce fendleri)
Perennial Forbs Around Las Vegas, Vegetation Around Las Vegas
Fendler's Sandmat (Chamaesyce fendleri)

General: Fendler's Sandmat (Chamaesyce fendleri) is a perennial forb that grows as a low mound on the ground. The leaves are paired, oval, and have a pointed tip. Flowers are small and inconspicuous, forming a typically odd, spurge flower.

Fendler's Sandmat is a fairly common component of vegetation communities in dry, well-drained gravelly areas on bajadas into the lower mountains in the Upper Sonoran (Mojave Desert Scrub and Pinyon-Juniper Woodland), Transition (Yellow Pine Forest), and Canadian (Pine-Fir Forest) life zones.

Around Las Vegas, look for Fendler's Sandmat up on Mt. Charleston and in the other mountains around town.

Family: Spurge (Euphorbiaceae), Chamaesyce chaetocalyx

Fendler's Sandmat (Chamaesyce fendleri) Fendler's Sandmat (Chamaesyce fendleri)

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