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Arizona Lupine (Lupinus arizonicus)
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Arizona Lupine (Lupinus arizonicus)

General: Arizona Lupine (Lupinus arizonicus) is a large, bushy annual forb. The flowers are purple and are borne on stalks above the leaves. The leaves are radial (palmately compound).

Arizona Lupine is a fairly common component of desert vegetation communities in sandy washes and gravel slopes. Around Las Vegas, look for this species in the southern part of Death Valley and at Lake Mead.

Family: Legume (Fabaceae).

Arizona Lupine (Lupinus arizonicus)

Plant Form: For an annual forb, large and bushy, mound-shaped.

Height: To about 2 feet, usually shorter.

Stems: Many, erect.

Leaves: Palmately compound; 6-10 leaflets, each to about 1.5-inches long and 1/3-inch wide.

Flowers: Blooms in the spring. Inflorescence to about 10-inches long; flowers spiraled about stalk. Flowers two-parted, upper and lower parts (lips) about equal in size; purple. Upper lip with yellowish and spots at center.

Arizona Lupine (Lupinus arizonicus)

Habitat: Washes; sandy soils.

Elevation: To about 3,000 feet.

Distribution: California, Nevada, and Arizona deserts.


Arizona Lupine (Lupinus arizonicus)
Purple flowers two-parted, upper and lower lips equal in size
Arizona Lupine (Lupinus arizonicus)
Upper lip with white or yellowish patch and dark spots
Arizona Lupine (Lupinus arizonicus)
Palmately compound leaves are typical of lupines
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