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Redstem Stork's Bill (Erodium cicutarium)
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Redstem Stork's Bill (Erodium cicutarium)

General: Redstem Stork's Bill (Erodium cicutarium) is a branching, very green annual forb with dissected leaves. The purple flowers have five distinct petals. The seeds have a large head and a long beak, resembling a stork's head and bill. As the plant dries out, it turn reddish.

Redstem Stork's Bill is a common weed infecting most desert vegetation communities. Around Las Vegas, look for this species everywhere, especially along roadsides and places with water from the desert into the mountains.

Redstem Stork's Bill (Erodium cicutarium)

Family: Geranium (Geraniaceae).

Other Names: Heron's Bill, Storksbill, Filaree.

Plant Form: Spreading, many branched.

Height: Usually about 6 inches, but to about 18 inches.

Redstem Stork's Bill (Erodium cicutarium)

Stems: Spreading along the ground to upright, often low. Glandular.

Leaves: Compound, deeply dissected; entire leaf oval, to about 5 inches long; sparsely hairy.

Flowers: Inflorescence: umbel. Flowers purple; 5 petals, radial.

Seeds: Seed with a long beak that can twist and turn the seed into the soil.

Redstem Stork's Bill (Erodium cicutarium)

Habitat: Many habitats.

Elevation: To about 6,000 ft.

Distribution: Occurs throughout the US; it is native to Eurasia.

Comments: This is a weed -- feel free to pull it up when found.

Redstem Stork's Bill (Erodium cicutarium)Seeds and flowers on the same plant Redstem Stork's Bill (Erodium cicutarium)
Seeds with a long beak

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