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Mega Road Trip to Far-Eastern Canada, July 23

Day 63. July 23, 2014. Wednesday. Syracuse, NY, to Niagara Falls (2.5 hours driving), to London, Ontario, Canada (2 hours driving)

Up and out fairly early for us, we drove to Niagara Falls, New York, in sometimes torrential rain where even the locals slowed down on the interstate. Lucky for us, the rain stopped about the time we hit Niagara Falls town. We also passed 9,000 miles for the trip as we drove towards the parking lot.

We visited Niagara Falls State Park (free to get in after paying $10 to park) on the American side of the river, then walked across the bridge to the Canadian side. We wanted to see the "other" side because they say the view is better from Canada, and yes, they are correct.

We walked back to the American side (long wait in customs line), retrieved our van, and drove back across the same bridge. We cleared customs quickly, but not until after what seemed like a long wait in traffic. For a quiet day, it was pretty slow; I'm glad today wasn't a busy day at the border!

In Canada, we drove west across southern Ontario, first south of Lake Ontario and then north of Lake Erie, to London. We crossed a number of long bridges, but I don't recall crossing the Atlantic...

July 23 July 23
July 23 July 23
July 23 more to come ...

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