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Mega Road Trip to Far-Eastern Canada, July 17

Day 57. July 17, 2014. Thursday. Boston

As the storm passed during the night, a cold air mass moved in bringing a delightfully cool, sunny morning. While lying in bed, the morning birdsongs brought memories of Carolina Chickadee and Red-bellied Woodpeckers, but surely those were memories from Florida, not Boston. Well, although the books don't show them here, the calls of those two species are, in fact, well-seared in my brain and it was fun to hear them again.

After breakfast cooked by Chris and Ben, we'all went for a walk in their neighborhood park on the Whipple Trail, which not inconsistent with Chris' passion, lead quickly to the highest point on the hills surrounding Boston. We picked blueberries for a cake and saw Downy Woodpeckers, White-breasted Nuthatches, and even Blue Jays.

Returning to the house, Kathy went to work and Chris and Ben resumed packing for a trip to Montana leaving in the morning. Liz and I went out to a wool mill outlet store where Liz is inside and I am outside on a shaded picnic table working on the blog.

In the afternoon, we hiked in another local park, this time hiking around Horn Pond to look for swans and other waterbirds. The birding was pretty much of a bust, but it was a nice, 3-mile walk. We did see 20 species of birds, including a Canada Goose with band number 1048-99586, which we reported to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

July 17 more to come ...

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