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Mega Road Trip to Far-Eastern Canada, July 09
July 09

Day 49. July 09, 2014. Wednesday. Moncton, New Brunswick to Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

We finally saw the tidal-bore, and it was worth the effort. It was due at 7:38 AM and got out about 7:00 AM. We enjoyed some morning coffee on the boardwalk, and when the waves rounded the corner early, we were there to watch the whole thing. We even had a bore-surfer in the photos for scale -- it ran better than 2 feet high and took several minutes to pass our location!

After a great breakfast in the hotel, we packed up and crossed the river to the Moncton Sewage Treatment Plant (aka: Riverfront Park). Behind the plant was a nice marsh with lots of ducks and Swamp Sparrows, plus two Sora out in front putting on a show.

Heading south on the west side of the Bay of Fundy, we stopped at Hopewell Cliffs Provincial Park. This is an area of oddly eroded conglomerate rocks that leaves arches and short sea-stacks with trees growing on the top. At high tide the area is flooded, but at low tide hoards of humans swarm the ocean bottom for a look up at the rocks. The tidal range is incredible, some 50 feet here, and the width of the mud flats (about 4 km) is staggering. In a week or two millions of shorebirds from the arctic will be feeding here before flying farther south. Unfortunately, they have not yet arrived here. An interesting note is that the conglomerate here was formed from eroded stones that washed into a rift valley during the breakup of Pangaea.

From there, we headed south and got a campsite at Fundy National Park, Chignecto Campground. We have a chilly wind here that should make for good sleeping. We also have a pesky Red Squirrel who is getting onto the van and everything.

July 09
Riverfront Park across the river from Moncton
July 09 Liz looking at ducks in Riverfront Park Marsh
July 09
Hopewell Rocks entrance sign
July 09
Overlook at top of stairs to Hopewell Rocks

July 09 The "Flower Pots" at Hopewell Rocks (entrance; view southwest)

July 09
Tide Flats at Hopewell Rocks (view northeast)
July 09
"Flower Pots" at Hopewell Rocks
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