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Mega Road Trip to Far-Eastern Canada, July 05

Day 45. July 05, 2014. Saturday. Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

Waiting out the storm, we are relaxing in the Balmoral Hotel where they offer free wifi, breakfast, washing machines, and international telephone calls. Liz is knitting and I am backing up photos, GPS, and voice data. It seems that after 45 days on the road, we are taking a long deserved vacation from vacation.

During the morning, we had strong winds and some heavy rain, but mostly moderate winds and light rain. The TV reports that some areas around us have lost power. Later, we remained dry, but with extreme winds. This was a good day to be off the roads.

We survived the hurricane with little more than the loss of cable TV and internet for a few hours. Others in the area lost power for a day or so. While we were having lunch in a little shop featuring "Chinese and Canadian Food" during the storm, the owner/cook kept taking calls from people asking if her power was still on. She laughed and said yes, plus she cooked on propane so if the power went out she could still cook during daylight hours (well past 9 PM up here). Lots of people came in, so she was doing good business during the storm.

July 05
View from the front window of the hotel
July 05
View from the back window of the hotel
July 05
Liz knitting
July 05
Jim computing

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