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Birding the Lake Havasu Area
Nutting's Flycatcher

In late November, Liz and I did a quick overnight trip to the Lake Havasu area to do some birding along the Lower Colorado River. We hoped to see the first of the wintering waterfowl at Havasu National Wildlife Refuge near Blythe, California, and to see misplaced seabirds (Blue-footed Booby, Brown Booby, and Neotropic Cormorant) at Lake Havasu, proper. The main target of the trip, however, was a Mexican flycatcher (Nutting's Flycatcher) at Bill Williams River NWR. We were fortunate to see a Blue-footed Booby and the flycatcher.

Lake Havasu Area

November 19. Havasu NWR and Lake Havasu.

Liz and I left home very early and drove south to Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, which is located in Arizona along the Colorado River (across from Needles, California). We birded the refuge for most of the day, then continued south to Lake Havasu, proper. We saw lots of birds, but nothing special, as the winter ducks hadn't arrived in large numbers yet. We birded over the lake until long after sunset, then got a room at the Windsor Inn in Lake Havasu City.

Lake Havasu Area

November 20. Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge.

Up and out in the dark, we drove south 30 minutes to Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge. Arriving at Mosquito Flat (mile 2.1, Planet Ranch Road) at dawn, we heard then saw the Nutting's Flycatcher (LB-608) early, but kept at it. Eventually we drove to the Refuge headquarters area where we saw lots of Common Goldeneye and three male Barrow's Goldeneyes in Lake Havasu. We also had he good fortune to see a juvenile Blue-footed Booby fishing. We left about noon, and on the way home, we stopped at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Boulder Beach, to look for a reported Lapland Longspur, but never saw it.

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