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Southern California Birding 2013-4, Day 3

November 10, 2013. Birding Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary, San Diego. We slept in a bit, but we were out early enough to meet the San Diego Audubon Society for a bird walk at their Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary (about 30 minutes inland in oak-covered hills). As might be expected for a open-to-the-public bird walk, it wasn't too exciting, but it was fun to visit a new area and see a different variety of birds. Highlights included Nuttall's Woodpecker, California Quail, Spotted Towhee, and Oak Titmouse. A Cooper's Hawk came in and quieted the feeders for awhile, but overall it was a nice place to visit. After lunch at Liz's childhood Anthony's Seafood Restaurant, we drove back downtown to bird Fiesta Park in San Diego Bay. The place was crowed, but we had nice views of White-tailed Kite and American Kestrel. With the crowds, however, we returned to the San Diego River for another delightful evening of birding.

So Cal Birding 4-3
Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary birdwalk
So Cal Birding 4-3
Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary
So Cal Birding 4-3 Bird feeder and water area So Cal Birding 4-3
Lesser Goldfinch
So Cal Birding 4-3
Bewick's Wren
So Cal Birding 4-3
Western Scrub-Jay
So Cal Birding 4-3
Liz found a cool beetle
So Cal Birding 4-3
White-tailed Kite

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