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Sequoia National Park -- May 13, 2012
Sequoia National Park

Day 1

Day 1. May 13, 2012. Home to Sequoia NP, Potwisha Campground.

We had what seemed like a quick and easy 7-hr drive from home to Sequoia National Park. The drive was pleasantly uneventful, and we arrived mid-afternoon at the Foothills Visitor Center. After picking up orientation materials, we headed a few miles into the park to Potwisha Campground.

Day 1
Potwisha campsite

Potwisha, at 2,000 ft elevation, is located in the low-elevation foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains where the vegetation is dominated by Foothills Chaparral (e.g., live oak, juniper, California buckeye and poison oak) and the environment is controlled by seasonal drought and frequent wildfires. Summers in this area are hot, and it was about 90 degrees when we arrived.

Day 1
Suspension bridge over Kaweah River

We birded around the campground, walked a short bit of trail, made the suspension bridge dance, and took a quick dip in the icy Kaweah River before retiring for the night. Here, the rivers were noisy from spring runoff (the snow in the mountains was melting), so the birding was mostly visual because we had trouble hearing the birds. We had nesting Oak Titmouse in the campsite and a Western Screech Owl called from a nearby tree.

Day 1
Liz in camp
Day 1
Kaweah River
Day 1
Bedrock mortars used by native people to grind acorns
Day 1
Friendly alligator lizard

Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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