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The Ice House at the Walking Box Ranch is a historical structure used for storing ice before the modern age of refrigerators. One of the caretaker's daily responsibilities is to ensure that the ice house is intact. The area currently is owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and managed by University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) Public Lands Institute. The area is watched by a caretaker, and three law enforcement officers live onsite in travel trailers. The site is available for researchers, but otherwise it is closed to the public until the old buildings and facilities are restored.

Walking Box Ranch, Ice House
Ice house (view north, northwest).
Walking Box Ranch, Ice House
The ice house door is really thick!
Walking Box Ranch, Ice House
Inside the ice house, floor (view north).
Walking Box Ranch, Ice House
Inside the ice house, ceiling (view north).

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