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Birdspring Overlook
Hiking Around Las Vegas, Red Rocks National Conservation Area, Mt Potosi Area
Birdspring Overlook
Birdspring PeakBirdspring Peak Trailhead parking (view N)


Birdspring Overlook is a short add-on to the 3.7-mile round-trip hike to Birdspring Peak; however, hikers looking for a shorter walk could simply walk to the overlook (1.6 miles round-trip) and call it good enough, as the view of Las Vegas from the overlook is every bit as good as the view from the summit. The summit has more views, but the view of Las Vegas is almost the same.

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Watch Out

This is a safe hike, but be careful on the edge of the overlook.

Birdspring Overlook
Old road climbs towards saddle on the skyline (view E)

The Hike

From the trailhead parking area, the Birdspring Peak Route follows to old road north, then east for 0.8 miles to a saddle on the crest of the Birdspring Range. Views from the saddle are nice, but the overlook is just a bit higher.

At the saddle, leave the Birdspring Peak Route and follow the old road southeast about 1-2 minutes to the end, which is Birdspring Overlook.

For details of access, cautions, and the Birdspring Peak Route, see the full description of the Birdspring Peak hike.

Birdspring Overlook
Hiker on old road approaching the saddle (view E)
<br />
The old road continues a bit south from the saddle (view SE)
<br />
Overlook (view NE towards the Las Vegas Valley)
<br />
Overlook (zoom view NE towards Las Vegas)
<br />
Birdspring Peak (view N)
<br />
Returning towards the saddle (view W towards Mt. Potosi)

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