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Lone Mountain Overview
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Lone Mountain
Pat Chicas

April 27, 2015. According to Pat Chicas on FaceBook, "I went out this morning and had a chance to talk to the fence contractor. The fence was put up to shield construction of a horse trail that will circle the mountain. The construction time estimate is 12 months, which means two years in public works time. The contractor has three breeches to repair after the first weekend. He recommended that some access via gates be made for the hikers, but the county/city bureaucrat turned him down. As usual, low level bureaucrats with no accountability have taken another public asset away from the people they work for. I am not sure who we call but, we need to mount a campaign against this BS. There is access still available that the contractor had not sealed. The regulars out here can find this, but we still need to press the point for access."

See Channel 8 TV coverage here.

From County Commissioner Brown's Office (April 27, 2015):

Thank you for contacting Commissioner Brown's office. I can explain the situation - - which is a temporary disruption to the community.

We have been working with the community and through multiple public forums through the Lone Mountain Town Advisory Board to get public input, and provide public awareness of the next phase of the Lone Mountain park. The design was completed and the project put out to bid late last year – with award of the project in March, and notice to proceed in April of this year. The temporary fencing will be the construction trailer/staging area for the project. The project includes a 10' wide multi-use trail around the mountain, as well as connecting the new trail to the trail at the Lone Mountain Park that currently dead ends into the desert. The project also includes an equestrian practice arena, round pens, children's equestrian themed playground, an expanded car parking lot, as well as a smaller truck/horse trailer parking lot. You should see the construction trailer moved onto the property this Tuesday. The entire project should be complete in approximately 10 months. They will start work on the trail first – as the funding for that portion of the project has more critical time lines.

We do realize this will cause some temporary disturbances – but will ultimately be a great addition to our parks and trails system. We have provided regular updates of this project (as well as other happenings in the northwest) via Commissioner Brown's quarterly newsletter. If you would like to be added to the distribution list – please let me know. Likewise, if you have any other questions – I'm happy to answer and/or find the answers.

Kind Regards, Sandy Siebrecht
Administrative Specialist
Office of Commissioner Larry Brown – District C
500 S. Grand Central Pkwy, 6th floor
Las Vegas, NV 89155

Lone Mountain
A cloudy day on the Lone Mountain summit

Lone Mountain is an isolated, rocky butte in NW Las Vegas just inside the I-215 Beltway. The summit stands some 600 feet above the surrounding homes, giving great views of the city and surrounding mountains. Lone Mountain is good place for a quick get-away and workout. There are several routes to the summit:

Regular Route. Short and steep, the most trail-like route (minimal Class 2).

North Ridge. North toe of Lone Mountain to the summit with a bit of Class 2.

East Buttress. Steep buttress with plenty of Class 3 and a bit of Class 4.

Southeast Gully. Steep gully provides Class 2 route to the South Ridge.

South Ridge. South toe of Lone Mountain to the summit with a bit of Class 4.

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Lone Mountain

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