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Birding the Salton Sea Farm Fields, California
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Salton Sea
Salton Sea Farm Fields


The south and southeast sides of the Salton Sea are a huge farming area: The Imperial Valley. Burrowing Owls seem to love the Imperial Valley, and many other species of birds call it home during the benign months of the years. Birding these areas involves driving rural roads and stopping where birds are seen or where they might be hiding. Be sure to scan parks and other open areas in towns.

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Salton Sea Farm Fields


The Salton Sea is located in the low deserts of southeastern California. Access from the north is via Interstate 10, and access from the south is from Interstate 8.

The Imperial Valley Farm Fields are located off the south and southeast corners of the Salton Sea. Highways 78 and 111 runs through the area, but try to pull off onto side roads where the danger of speeding drunk drivers is lower.

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The birdwatching areas at the Salton Sea are located in wild desert and rural farming country with few amenities in the immediate vicinity. The cities of Brawley and El Centro to the south provide everything. Smaller towns provide essential services.

Salton Sea Farm Fields


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The Salton Sea supports lots of specialty birds, but it is a great place to see Burrowing Owls, White-faced Ibis, Common Ground-Doves, and long-legged shorebirds.


Salton Sea Farm Fields Salton Sea Farm Fields
Salton Sea Farm Fields Salton Sea Farm Fields
Salton Sea Farm Fields Salton Sea Farm Fields
Salton Sea Farm Fields
Rural farm field
Salton Sea Farm Fields
City park

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