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Patagonia Area Birding - Paton's House
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Patagonia Area Birding
Elegant Trogon


The Patons lived in the town of Patagonia, adjacent to the Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve, and put out hummingbird and seed feeders -- then graciously opened the yard to birders. The house is set in a rural residential area with scattered houses, trees, shrubs, and other amenities of rural living. The feeders, on the back of her house, attract a variety of hummingbirds, including Violet-crowned Hummingbirds. If the gate is open, you are welcome. It's customary to sign the guest register and leave a few bucks in the 'sugar jar' to help pay for filling the feeders.

Mrs. Paton passed away and her children sold the property to the American Bird Conservancy and Tucson Audubon Society; the property will continue to be open to birders.

Marion Paton's House


Ms. Paton lived in Patagonia on Pennsylvania Avenue. From Highway 82 in Patagonia, turn north on 4th Avenue; turn left (west) on Pennsylvania, and cross the creek. Look for the distinctive "Birder's Haven" sign on the chain-link fence on the left side of the road. If the driveway gate is open, you are welcome. Link to Maps.


If the driveway gate is open, birders are welcome to visit the hummingbird feeders and seed feeders behind the house.

Marion Paton's House
Marion Paton's House and Birder's Haven


Ms. Paton graciously allowed birders into her backyard (private residence) for free, but there is a donation jar.

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Visit the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory's Birding Guide.

Marion Paton's House Marion Paton's House
Patagonia Area Birding
Patton House; Paton's backyard
Patagonia Area Birding
Patton House; Lazuli Bunting, House Finch, Chipping Sparrow

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