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C-5 Galaxy Transport Jets Around Las Vegas
Military Aircraft Around Las Vegas, Aircraft Around Las Vegas

C-5 Galaxy Transport Jets are gigantic cargo aircraft capable of carrying fully equipped combat-ready military units to any point in the world on short notice and then provide the field support required to sustain the fighting force. These aircraft, among the largest in the world, have a cargo capacity of 270,000 pounds, with cargo compartment dimensions of 13.5 feet high; 19 feet wide; and 143 feet long.

Regarding photos of landing gear below, Eric writes: I used to be a mechanic on C-5s in the Air Force and now work for a company that deals with aircraft. Well you are correct they are off and it's not an optical illusion, the landing gear have to rotate 90 degrees to fit and retract into the fuselage because there are 6 tires on each and they are quite big, otherwise they just wouldn't fit. Also since the C-5 is so big and will be affected by wind much more than smaller planes, the landing gear can be manipulated to land in cross winds, basically the wheels are offset to compensate for the wind when landing, kinda crazy for technology back then!

C-5 Galexy
Nellis Air Show, Aviation Nation 2007

C-5 Galexy
C-5M Galaxy, Dover AMC 60025 with 23-ft nose boom used to collect flight data (speed, altitude and temperature) for performance tests.

C-5 Galexy
Maybe an optical illusion, but the wheels seem to be turned sideways (90-degrees) off.
C-5 Galexy
C-5M Galaxy, Dover AMC 60025 with 23-ft nose boom
C-5 Galaxy C-5 Galaxy

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