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Navy T-45 Goshawk Around Las Vegas
Military Aircraft Around Las Vegas, Aircraft Around Las Vegas

T-45A Goshawks are tandem-seat, carrier capable, jet trainers used by Navy and Marine Corps pilots in the intermediate and advanced portions of their training program for jet carrier aviation and tactical strike missions.

The Goshawk is a small aircraft with a length of 39 feet, height of 13.5 feet, and wingspan of 31 feet. The aircraft can attain airspeeds of 645 miles per hour, a ceiling of 42,500 feet, and a range of 800 statute miles. Goshawks are crewed by two: and instructor pilot and a student pilot. The aircraft is unarmed.

The "VT-22 Golden Eagles," flying T-45A Goshawks, visited Las Vegas from Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas in August 2007. The VT-22 Golden Eagles are assigned to Training Air Wing 2, Training Squadron 22. The training wing teaches new Naval and Marine Corps aviators to fly tandem-seat, carrier-borne jets (notice the tail-hook for landing on carriers).

T-45A Goshawk T-45A Goshawk
T-45A Goshawk T-45A Goshawk

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