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Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin Helicopters
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The U.S. Coast Guard uses HH-65A Dolphin helicopters for short-range search and rescue missions plus enforcement of federal laws and treaties, drug interdiction, environmental protection, and military readiness. Twin-engine Dolphins can operate up to 150 miles off shore and can fly comfortably at 120 knots for 3 hours. Normally stationed on shore, Dolphins can land on Coast Guard Cutters, providing the Dolphins a floating platform for refueling and support.

An onboard flight management system provides automatic flight control that can automatically fly search patterns and bring the helicopter to a hovering position 50 feet above a selected object and hold it there, a safety feature when operating in darkness or poor weather.

HH-65C Dolphin
USCG 6543; CGAS Port Angeles, Washington
HH-65C Dolphin
HH-65C Dolphin HH-65C Dolphin
Coast Guard HH-65A Dolphin Helicopters
On patrol along the foggy coast of Texas (USCG 6538)
HH-65A Dolphin
On patrol along the foggy coast of Oregon (USCG 5610?)

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