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AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopters Around Las Vegas
Military Aircraft Around Las Vegas, Aircraft Around Las Vegas

AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopters, in use since 1986, were designed as tank-killers to counter Soviet numeric superiority in Europe. In this role and carrying 16 laser-guided missiles, Apache helicopters can hover among trees or behind terrain, then pop up, engage several targets at once, and quickly retreat behind cover. In close support, Apache helicopters have rockets and a 30 mm cannon to use against enemy targets. An Apache Helicopter battalion includes 18 AH-64A Apache and 13 OH-58D Kiowa helicopters. Working in a team, the smaller, quieter, more agile, and less detectible Kiowas scout targets and mark them with lasers. Then, while still hidden behind terrain, the Apache can fire Hellfire missiles on the target.

These AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopters were flying across the desert east of Nellis AFB during January 2007.

AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter
AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter

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