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Twin-Engine Propeller Aircraft Around Las Vegas
Civilian Aircraft Around Las Vegas, Aircraft Around Las Vegas

Out and about in the desert and mountains around Las Vegas, these twin-engine propeller planes may fly over your head and intrude upon your solitude. However, learning to identify aircraft in flight adds an odd twist to enjoying the outdoors while hiking and birding around Las Vegas -- how many species and varieties can you list?

twin engine aircraft
1960 Beech D50C, N108GS, at North Las Vegas (VGT)
Owner: Individual, North Las Vegas, NV
1996 Beech 58, N1074Q
1996 Beech 58, N1074Q
Owner: Core Vent Corporation, Las Vegas, NV
1972 Beech E-90, N905TF over Blythe, CA
Owner: CEI Inc, Wilmington, DE
1974 Cessna 414, N990PC
1974 Cessna 414, N990PC
Owner: Zepp Air, Las Vegas, NV
Cessna 421C, N745CA
Owner: Critical Air Medicine Inc, San Diego, CA
1955 Cessna 310, N4801B
Owner: Individual, Franklin, NC
1973 Dehavilland DHC-6-300, N94AR, at North Las Vegas (VGT)
Owner: Twin Otter International Ltd Address: Las Vegas, NV
1970 Dehavilland DHC-6-300, N173GC over Searchlight, NV
Owner: Diamond Bar LLC, Kirkland, WA (Grand Canyon Airlines)
2007 Diamond Twin Star DA42, N449TS
2007 Diamond Twin Star DA42, N449TS
Owner: Twinstar Partners LLC, Phoenix, AZ
1950 Grumman HU-16B, N44HQ
Owner: N44HQ LLC, Westlake Village, CA
used for testing inflight internet service
1950 Grumman HU-16B, N44HQ
Owner: N44HQ LLC, Westlake Village, CA
On the ground at Boulder City Airport (BVU)
1953 Grumman HU-16, N7025J
Owner: Individual, Flagstaff, AZ
2000 Piper PA-44-180, N239AT
Owner: Airline Transport Professionals Corp Of USA, Wilmington, DE

Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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