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Fixed-Wing Single-Engine Propeller Aircraft Around Las Vegas
Civilian Aircraft Around Las Vegas, Aircraft Around Las Vegas

Out and about in the desert and mountains around Las Vegas, these single propeller aircraft will fly over your head and intrude upon your solitude as they come and go from Las Vegas. However, learning to identify aircraft in flight adds an odd twist to enjoying the outdoors while hiking and birding around Las Vegas -- how many species and varieties can you list?

Cirrus Design Corporation was founded in 1984 with a dream to design and build affordable airplanes that deliver greater control, more comfort, and unprecedented levels of safety. Today, Cirrus is a leading innovator of single-engine, piston-powered aircraft.

2004 Cirrus SR22, N517CD
Owner: Momo Inc, Los Angeles, CA
2006 Cirrus SR22, N258SR
2006 Cirrus SR22, N258SR
Owner: Silver Lining Construction, Las Vegas, NV
2006 Cirrus SR20, N702TM
2006 Cirrus SR20, N702TM
Owner: N702TM LLC, Las Vegas, NV
2002 Cirrus Design Corp SR22, N5854A
Owner: Great American Realty, Las Vegas, NV

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