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Cessna Single-Engine Propeller Aircraft Around Las Vegas
Civilian Aircraft Around Las Vegas, Aircraft Around Las Vegas

Out and about in the desert and mountains around Las Vegas, these single propeller aircraft will fly over your head and intrude upon your solitude as they come and go from Las Vegas. However, learning to identify aircraft in flight adds an odd twist to enjoying the outdoors while hiking and birding around Las Vegas -- how many species and varieties can you list?

For over 80 years, the Cessna Aircraft Company has been a leading designer and manufacturer of light and midsize business jets, utility turboprops, and single engine aircraft. Cessna has sold and delivered more aircraft than anyone else in history

1966 Cessna 150F, N8068F
1968 Cessna 150H, N3902C in Death Valley
Owner: Individual, Moab, UT
1975 Cessna 150M; N6422K at Jean Airport
Owner: Individual, Henderson, NV
1977 Cessna 152, N48637
1977 Cessna 152, N48637
Owner: Individual, Las Vegas, NV
1967 Cessna 172H, N3289L in Death Valley
Owner: Individual, Death Valley, CA
1974 Cessna 172M, N9672V
Owner: Airline Transport Professionals Corp Of USA, Wilmington, DE
1975 Cessna 172M, N9572H
1975 Cessna 172M, N9572H
Owner: West Air Aviation, Henderson, NV
1978 Cessna 172N, N751BK
1978 Cessna 172N, N751BK
Owner: West Air Aviation, Henderson, NV
1977 Cessna 172N, N734NJ
Owner: Co-owned, Las Vegas, NV
1998 Cessna 172R, N23581
Owner: Plane Dreams LLC, Las Vegas, NV
1998 Cessna 172R, N476ER
Owner: Northtown One LLC, Las Vegas, NV
1979 Cessna 172RG, N6272R, at North Las Vegas (VGT)
Owner: Christiansen Aviation Inc, Wilmington, DE
2000 Cessna 172S, N577SP
2000 Cessna 172S, N577SP
Owner: Christiansen Aviation, Wilmington, DE
Cessna 172S, N2461P
Cessna 172S, N2461P
Owner: West Wind Aviation, North Las Vegas, NV
1959 Cessna 175, N6501E
Owner: Individual, Henderson, NV
1957 Cessna 182A, N6077B
1957 Cessna 182A, N6077B
Owner: Ponderosa Aviation, Safford, AZ
1962 Cessna 182F, N9LG, over Death Valley National Park
Owner: Individuals, Flagstaff, AZ
1967 Cessna 182K, N2585R, over Death Valley National Park
Owner: individual, Anchorage, AK
1964 Cessna P206; N2541X at Jean Airport
Owner: Eco Flite Service Inc, Lake Elsinore, CA
1985 Cessna 208; N208TS at Jean Airport
Owner: Central Coast Aircraft LLC, Lompoc, CA
1978 Cessna TR182, N9369R, at North Las Vegas (VGT)
Owner: Individual, Henderson, NV
2000 Cessna 182S, N397ME
Owner: Individual, Las Vegas, NV
2001 Cessna 182T, N571MC, at North Las Vegas (VGT)
Owner: Individual, Discovery Bay, CA
1981 Cessna 185F, N185JE
Owner: Individual, Salt Lake City, UT
2007 Cessna 208B , N435MT
Owner: Southwest Aviation Solutions LLC, Las Vegas, NV
1979 Cessna 180K Skywagon, N2810K. Owner: Individuals, Las Vegas, NV. Flying too close to Cathedral Rock!

Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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