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Janet Airlines Around Las Vegas
Aircraft Around Las Vegas

Janet Airlines jets are owned by the US Air Force and operated by defense contractor EG&G. Janet Airlines primarily carries workers between Las Vegas and Area 51 on the Nevada Test Site on an aging fleet of Boeing 737s. Although the flights and the terminal at McCarran (LAS) are not secret, the destination does not exist (well, at least not according to the US Government). These jets frequently fly along the east side of Mt. Charleston, and except for fighter jets, they are the noisiest aircraft in the sky and seriously interfere with solitude in federally designated Wilderness Areas.

1973 Boeing 737-275, N4529W
1974 Boeing 737-200, N5175U
1974 Boeing 737-200, N5176Y
Janet Airlines
1974 Boeing 737-200, N5177C
1974 Boeing 737-200, N5294E
More to come ...
Janet Airlines
Flying above Mt. Charleston.
Janet Airlines
Janet jet flying over Cold Creek.
janet janet
Janet Airlines terminal
Five Janet Airlines jets (background) parked at the Las Vegas terminal (probably sucking up some pyramid power).
Janet Airlines
Very noisy jet engines

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