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Frontier Airlines Around Las Vegas
Aircraft Around Las Vegas

Frontier Airlines, based out of Denver, CO, is a low-cost carrier primarily serving the US market, but also serving two Mexican destinations. In keeping with the "wild frontier" image and a sense of humor, Frontier puts images of wild animals (its spokes-animals) on the tails of its planes.

Frontier Airlines
Airbus 319, N903FR; Ozzy the Orca
Frontier Airlines
Airbus A318-111, N808FR; Clover the Whitetail Deer Fawn
Frontier Airlines N940FR
Airbus 319, N940FR; Jack the Snowshoe
Frontier Airlines N912FR
2002 Airbus A319-111, N912FR; Trixie the Red Fox
Frontier Airlines
Airbus 319, N912FR; Klondike and Snow the Polar Bears
Frontier Airlines
Airbus 319, N939FR; Jim, Joe, Jay, and Gray the Emperior Penguins
Frontier Airlines
Airbus 319, N914FR, Stretch the Great Egret
Frontier Airlines
Airbus 318, N810FR, Sheldon the Green Sea Turtle
Frontier Airlines
Airbus A319, N504LX; Mickey the Moose
2003 Airbus A319-111, N919FR ; Lance the Ocelot
2006 Airbus A319-111, N946FR; Perry the Puffin
2004 Airbus A319-111, N931FR, JoJo the Grizzly Bear Cub
Airbus A319-111, N942FR; Stan the Ram
2001 Airbus A319-111, N905FR, Sherman the Sea Lion

Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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