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Silver State Helicopters Around Las Vegas
Civilian Helicopters, Aircraft Around Las Vegas

Silver State Helicopters, based out of North Las Vegas, NV, was a commercial helicopter operator specializing in pilot training, aerial tours and photography, charters, and other work requiring aerial support. Silver State suddenly ceased operations and entered bankruptcy on February 2008.

Silver State Helicopters N194SH
2007 Robinson Raven R44 II, N194SH
Silver State Helicopter, Beta II
Robinson R22 Beta
Silver State Helicopters N987SH
2006 Robinson R22 Beta, N987SH
Silver State Helicopter N646MS
2001 Robinson Raven R44, N646MS
Silver State Helicopters
No tail number on this one.
2002 Robinson Helicopter R44, N69KA
2006 Robinson Helicopter R22 BETA, N467SH
2001 Robinson Helicopter R44, N646MS

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